"Another Side of Hollywood"

An Autobiography by House Peters, Jr.


The front cover of the book


The back cover of the book


House is selling autographed copies of his very informative and interesting book on his life and career. The book was published by Empire Publishing, Inc. and is available directly from House himself. At the following link, you can view excerpts from his book and obtain the address to send payment to in order to receive your own autographed copy. The first printing was a limited one so don't delay in placing your order. Go to: "Another Side of Hollywood"


Another Side of Hollywood is a paperback with 203 pages full of information, stories and photos from House. As well as his many films, House has appeared in over 50 different television shows from Annie Oakley to Zane Grey Theatre. House received a Golden Boot Award on August 5, 2000 for his tremendous acting career in western films and television shows. A truly well-deserved honor for House. After 85 years, House writes in his book that there is really only one thing that he would like to do, other than to correct a few personal failings. You will have to read his book to find out what that one thing is that House says he would like to change.


House appeared in the following Lone Ranger episodes:

"Jim Tylerís Past" February 16, 1950 Episode # 23

"Man without a Gun" June 15, 1950 Episode # 40

"Desert Adventure" November 30, 1950 Episode # 64

"Mr. Trouble" March 8, 1951 Episode # 78

"Best Laid Plans" December 25, 1952 Episode # 94

"Prisoner in Jeopardy" August 20, 1953 Episode # 128

"Diamond in the Rough" August 27, 1953 Episode # 129

"Ex-Marshall" September 16, 1954 Episode # 132

"Gold Freight" April 28, 1955 Episode # 164

"Outlaw Masquerade" January 3, 1957 Episode # 199

"The Breaking Point" January 24, 1957 Episode # 202

"Ghost Town Fury" March 28, 1957 Episode # 211

The following photos of House are from an episode of
The Lone Ranger titled "Gold Freight" from August 28, 1955

House plays the part of Jake Ronson and has faked a gunshot wound in this scene

House is on the left and his partner in crime is Suede Nelson (in the white shirt) played by Richard Wessel

House and Richard get to show us that even the outlaws can have a laugh

House and Richard again having a laugh at the expense of the good guys but it won't last much longer

House's character, Jake Ronson, is about to get caught by the Lone Ranger

Jake Ronson (House) is still talking but about to be proven the criminal that he really is


Thanks to House Peters, Jr. for putting up with my letters and phone calls in order to get this page up and ready for viewing. House has been one of my favorite "bad guys" to watch but as is usual, the "bad guys" are some of the nicest people on this planet.

* House Peters, Jr. died on October 1, 2008 at the Motion Picture and Television Fund Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

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