Ralph Littlefield

Photo of actor Ralph Littlefield, who played the part of Jim Blane,
the Lone Ranger's silver mine operator, on "The Lone Ranger" television show

Jim Blane was one of the few people who knew the real identity of The Lone Ranger. On The Lone Ranger television show, the part of Jim Blane was played by actor Ralph Littlefield.

Ralph Littlefield was born on March 31, 1901 in Gary, Indiana and passed away on December 27, 1977 in Everett, Washington. Ralph was the second youngest child of the family and the only boy and he had 5 sisters. After he was born, as a very young child, his family moved from Gary, Indiana to Seattle, Washington. As a teenager, Ralph worked in his father's medical office in downtown Seattle before pursuing his acting career. Ralph's parents were Charles Wentworth and Lena Leota (Hurd) Littlefield. Ralph met his wife to be at the First Christian Church in Hollywood while he was still acting and she was working at Lockeed. Ralph was married to Elva Aileen Fox in 1949 and they had 5 children together.

One of Ralph's first jobs as an entertainer was as a host for his television show called "Hometown U.S.A." and it was a local, Los Angeles, California program. It was a light comedy show. "Hometown U.S.A." was filmed in one of the Hollywood studios where some of the big name actors worked. As a result, Ralph was able meet some of the actors and it probably led to the beginning of his career as a movie actor. "Hometown U.S.A." was filmed in the early 40's in Hollywood, California. Ralph's first known movie was the 1943 feature, "The Ape Man" which is also known by the title, "Lock Your Doors".



Ralph Littlefield's Motion Picture Employee card

Besides his television show, Ralph also produced a local radio show in Hollywood, California called "Over the Back Fence". The exact time frame for his radio show is not known. "Over the Back Fence" was a talk show where Ralph interviewed local guests from the motion picture industry. Ralph's wife has a few copies of tapes of the radio show but sadly, she has no copies of Ralph's television show, "Hometown U.S.A.". Ralph married his wife, in Los Angeles, California, after his movie career ended in 1949.



Ralph Littlefield's Screen Actor Guild card in 1961

One of Ralph's last acting performances was as Jim Blane, the friend of The Lone Ranger on "The Lone Ranger" television show, first broadcast in 1949. Ralph was only in one episode of The Lone Ranger but who can forget the important part of this character who would mine the silver for The Lone Ranger for use as money and for his silver bullets.


Ralph Littlefield and Elva A. Fox married in 1949

After his marriage, Ralph and his family moved back and forth across the U.S before settling in Los Angeles again in 1960 and a few years later in Simi Valley, California. In or around 1970, Ralph and his family moved to Madison, Florida and in or around 1973, they again moved, this time to Monroe, Washington where Ralph directed a local church choir. There was a final move, a few miles away, to Everett, Washington and was where Ralph's health began to fail. Ralph died on December 27, 1977.

Ralph maintained a friendship with Clayton Moore and on several occasions, while working at Robinson's in the Valley, they had contact with each other in the 1960's. Ralph and Clayton thought highly of each other.


Ralph Littlefield's American Federation of Radio Artists card from 1948

Ralph Littlefield in a publicity photo

Ralph Littlefield's Filmography:

"Beyond the Forest" (1949) as Driver
"Smoky Mountain Melody" (1949)
"So You Want to Build a House" (1948) as the Building Inspector
"Secret Beyond the Door" (1948) as Gothic Man
"The Walls of Jericho" (1948) as a politician
"The Sea of Grass" (1947) as a homesteader
"Stallion Road" (1947) as a Cowhand
"Swing the Western Way" (1947)
"The Egg and I" (1947) (uncredited) as a Photographer
"Scarlet Street" (1945) (uncredited) as Employee
"Along Came Jones" (1945) (uncredited) as a Townsman
"This Love of Ours" (1945) (uncredited) as a Comic
"Voodoo Man" (1944) as Sam
"The Ape Man" (1943) as Zippo (aka Lock Your Doors)

Ralph Littlefield's Appearances on Television:

"The Lone Ranger" as Jim Blane in episode # 2 broadcast on September 22, 1949

Ralph Littlefield's other radio and television accomplishments:

"Hometown U.S.A." Television show prior to 1949
"Over the Back Fence" Talk show type radio program prior to 1949



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