Ralph Littlefield as Jim Blane


"The Lone Ranger Fights On"

The Lone Ranger and Tonto approach Jim Blane's farm

Jim Blane bids farewell to the Judge

Ralph Littlefield plays the part of Jim Blane, the long-time friend of the Lone Ranger

Jim Blane ponders a proposal offered by his friend, The Lone Ranger and agrees to it

The Lone Ranger takes his friend Jim and Tonto to the secret silver mine

Jim jokes with Tonto about the location of the silver mine

Inside the old cabin, Tonto is still not sure where the silver mine is located

The Lone Ranger flips up a board to reveal the silver mine that he and his brother owned together

Spring water obscures the silver mine but The Lone Ranger and Jim assure Tonto that the mine is indeed there

Tonto is about to leave to bring back the sheriff to the cabin

The Lone Ranger offers to let Jim work the mine in exchange for silver for money and silver bullets. In return, Jim can mine as much silver for himself as he wishes

Tonto returns with the sheriff

The sheriff is informed of the fact that Jim recognized the murderer of the Judge

The sheriff, Jim, The Lone Ranger and Tonto plot their next move against the Butch Cavendish gang

Some of the ending credits of episode # 2 in which Ralph Littlefield received credit for portraying Jim Blane

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