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The Lone Ranger's Nephew

Chuck Courtney Memorial

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Chuck Courtney

Clayton Moore & Chuck Courtney

Jeri & Chuck Courtney
at the 1994 Golden Boot Awards
where Chuck received his Golden Boot Award
(Photo courtesy of N.E. Barr)


Chuck Courtney's Film Credits

"Rich Girl"  1991  as Policeman #1
"Peacemaker"  1990  as Patrolman
"Pet Sematary"  1989  as Bill Baterman
"Assassin"  1986 TV  as a Corridor agent
"The Gumball Rally"  1976  as a Motorcycle Rider
"Food of the Gods"  1976  as Davis
"Santee"  1973
"The Cowboys"  1972  as a rustler
"Rio Lobo"  or  "San Timoteo" 1970  as Whitey's henchman
"Code Name: Heraclitus"  1976 TV
"Billy The Kid vs Dracula"  1966  as William "Billy the Kid" Bonney
"Spartacus"  1960  as a soldier
"Man's Favorite Sport?"  1964 as a Lodge employee
"Some Came Running"  1958  as hotel clerk
"The Lineup"  1958  as a teenager in the locker room of the Seaman's Club
"Teenage Monster"  1958  as Marv Howell
"Teenage Thunder"  1957  as Johnnie Simpson
"At Gunpoint" or "Gunpoint"  1955  as a horseman
"The Long Gray Line"  1955  as Whitey Larson
"Two Guns and a Badge"  1954  as Val Moore
"Born to the Saddle  1953  as Bill Walton
"It Grows On Trees"  1952  as Paper Man
"Louisa"  1950  as a delivery boy

Chuck Courtney's Producer, Director and Crew Credits

"Mom and Dad Save the World"  1992  (Stunts)
"Peacemaker"  1990  (Stunts)
"Blind Fury"  1989  (Stunts)
"The Eagle and the Bear"  1985 TV  (Stunt Coordinator)
"Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy"  1982 TV  (Second Unit Director)
"Murph the Surf" or "You Can't Steal Love" or "Live a Little, Steal a Lot"  1974  (Producer)
"Santee"  1973 (Co-Producer with Ed Platt, Dino Paoli and Caruth C. Byrd)
"The Cowboys"  1972  (Stunts)
"Swiss Family Robinson"  1960  (Stunts)

Chuck Courtney's Lone Ranger Appearances As Dan Reid

"The Swami" Episode # 170 June 9, 1955
"Heart of a Cheater" Episode # 169 June 2, 1955
"The Woman in the White Mask" Episode # 166 May 12, 1955
"Gold Freight" Episode # 164 April 28, 1955
"Trigger Finger" Episode # 161 April 7, 1955
"Sunstroke Mesa" Episode # 158 March 17, 1955
"Code of the Pioneers" Episode # 154 February 17, 1955
"The Quiet Highwayman" Episode # 151 January 27, 1955
"Dan Reid's Sacrifice" Episode # 148 January 6, 1955
"Dan Reid's Fight for Life" Episode # 141 November 18, 1954
"El Toro" Episode # 113 May 7, 1953
"The Deserter" "The Deserter" Episode # 111  April 23, 1953
"The Whimsical Bandit" Episode # 51 August 31, 1950
"Sheep Thieves" Episode # 22 February 9, 1950

Chuck Courtney's Other TV Guest Appearances

"Adam-12" (1968) as Curtis Christie in "Log 55: Missing Child" 10/31/1970
"Adam-12" (1968) as car driver in "Log 93: Once A Junkie" 11/22/1969
"Invisible Man, The" (1975) as the limo driver in "The Klae Resource" 9/08/1975
"Get Smart" (1965) as a KAOS agent in "The Laser Blazer" 11/30/1968
"It Takes A Thief" (1968) as a henchman (guard named Frantz) in "The Lay of the Land" 4/30/1968
"It Takes A Thief" (1968) as V.W. Murrow in "A Very Warm Reception" 2/6/1968
"Mannix" (1967) in "A Copy of Murder" 11/02/1968
"Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre" as Thug in "Code Name: Heraclitus - Part 2" 1/18/1967
"Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre" as Thug in "Code Name: Heraclitus - Part 1" 1/18/1967
"Mission: Impossible" (1966) as Gorman double in "the Ransom" 11/05/1966
"Star Trek" (1966) as Davod in "Patterns of Force" 2/16/1968
"Legend of Jesse James, The" (1965) as Trooper Thorn in "A Field of Wildflowers" 4/25/1966
"Wild, Wild West, The" (1965) as Zack Brass in "The Night of the Winged Terror - Part 1" 1/17/1969
"Wild, Wild West, The" (1965) in "The Night of the Death Masks" 1/26/1968
"Laredo" (1965) as the 1st outlaw in "No Bugles, One Drum" 2/24/1966
"Laredo" (1965) as a bushwhacker in "A Question of Discipline" 10/28/1965 
"Laredo" (1965) as Pete in "A Matter of Policy" 11/11/1965
"Laredo" (1965) as a cowhand in "Anybody Here Seen Billy?" 10/21/1965
"12 O'Clock High" (1964) as Francois in "Underground" 1/17/1966
"Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" in "The Sky is Falling" 10/19/1964
"Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" as Connors in "The Fear Makers" 9/28/1964
"Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" in "Eleven Days to Zero" 9/14/1964
"Twelve O'Clock High" (1964)as Francois in "Underground" 1/17/1966
"Fugitive, The" (1963) as a detective in "The Blessings of Liberty" 12/20/1966
"Fugitive, The" (1963) as a student playing the part of Kimble in a student courtroom in "Man In A Chariot" 09/15/1964
"Alfred Hitchcock Hour, The" (1962) as Ski in "Memo from Purgatory" 12/21/1964
"Virginian, The" (1962) as Taper in "Halfway Back From Hell" 10/1/1969
"Virginian, The" (1962) as Lafe in "The Price of Love"2/12/1969
"Virginian, The" (1962) as Trooper Jensen in "Nora" 12//11/1969
"Virginian, The" (1962) as Blake in "Dead-Eye Dick" 11/9/1966
"Virginian, The" (1962) as Cowhand in "The Hero" 10/7/1964
"Virginian, The" (1962) as Cowboy in "Ryker" 9/16/1964
"Virginian, The" (1962) as Jerry in "The Drifter" 1/29/1964
"Virginian, The" (1962) as Carmody in "The Decision" 
"Laramie: (1959) in "The Wedding Party" 1/29/1963
"Laramie" (1959) as Knute Duncan in "The Replacement" 3/27/1962
"Adventures in Paradise" (1959) as Mace in "The Jonah Stone" 4/3/1961
"77 Sunset Strip" (1958) as Cadet Walter Lochrie in "The Court Martial of Johnny Murdo" 1958
"Lawman" (1958) as Mark Saint in "Bloodline" 11/30/1958
"Jefferson Drum" (1958) as Jimmy in "Law and Order" 5/09/1958
"Steve Canyon" (1958) as 1st tough guy in "Operation Big Thunder" 10/11/1958
"Tales of Wells Fargo" (1957) as Leroy in "The House I Enter" 3/2/1959
"Tales of Wells Fargo" (1957) as Tim Farland in "Hoss Tamer" 1/20/1958
"Wagon Train" (1957) in "The Alice Whitetree Story" 11/1/1964
"Wagon Train" (1957) in "The Michael Malone Story" 1/6/1964
"Wagon Train" (1957) as a stuntman on many episodes
"26 Men" (1957) as Joey in "The Unwanted" 3/31/1959
"26 Men" (1957) as Ranger McDevitt in "Shadow of Doubt" 10/14/1958
"Casey Jones" (1957) as Andy Hartman in "Prison Train" 11/11/1957
"Broken Arrow" (1957) in "The Desperado" 3/26/1957
"Pony Express" (1957) in "The Story of Julesburg"
"Zane Grey Theater" (1956) as proprieter in "Deception" 4/14/1960
"Zane Grey Theater" (1956) as Til Crow in "A Thread of Respect" 2/12/1959
"Buffalo Bill, Jr." (1955) as Billy The Kid in "Trail of the Killer" 3/4/1955
"Navy Log" (1955) in "Peril on the Sea" 12/12/1956
"Cheyenne" (1955) as Neal Benedict in "White Warrior" 3/11/1958
"Corky and White Shadow" (1956) as The Nevada Kid in most of the 18 episodes
"Tales of the Texas Rangers" (1955) as Tommy in "Buckaroo from Powder River" 2/04/1956
"Stories of the Century" (1954) as Henry Livingston, Jr. in "Tom Horn" 7/1/1954
"Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, The" (1954) in "The Epidemic" 11/21/1958
"Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, The" (1954) as Pvt. Jimmy Jersey in "Deadman's Valley" 11/7/1958
"Steve Canyon"(1958) as 1st tough in "Operation Jettison" (10/11/1958)
"Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok" (1951) as Hal in "The Angel of Cedar Mountain" 7/28/1953
"Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok" (1951) in "Chain of Events" 6/24/1952
"Dragnet" (1951) in "The Big Bad Count" 4/17/1958
"Playhouse 90" (1957) as Bob Shay in "Galvanized Yankee" 12/05/1957

Chuck passed away on January 19, 2000 at his home in North Hollywood, California.

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