Clayton Moore News / FAQs/TV & Film Credits

Lone Ranger News & FAQs

TV Schedule of
Clayton and Other Actors

Lone Ranger Episode Guide

Clayton Moore TV Credits

Clayton Moore Film Credits

Clayton Moore on Gene Autry

"I Was That Masked Man" autobiography
by Clayton Moore

A Christmas Photo
with Clayton Moore

Clayton Moore Photo Album #1


Clayton Moore Photo Album #2


Clayton Moore Photo Album #3


Clayton Moore Photo Album #4


Clayton Moore Associated Stories

Rediscovering the
Lone Ranger Rock

Hi Yo Clayton!
by Rob Word

"Masked Man"
Clayton Moore Print

2000 Golden Boot Awards

Clayton Moore &
John Hart

Documentary on
Jay Silverheels

Hollywood Bowl Tribute

Music of the Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger Collectibles

1955 TV Special

Clayton's Last Birthday

A happy bidder's story from the Sothebys Clayton Moore auction

Clayton's World War II Training Film

VCI Lone Ranger Movie Reviews

Lone Ranger
Puzzle Page

The Lone Ranger Slot Machine

Cheerios & The Lone Ranger in 2001

The Lone Ranger Rock in 2002

Who Are They?

Old Christmas Catalogs & Lone Ranger Toys?
Clayton Moore's Death and Memorials

Clayton Moore Dies

Clayton's Memorial Page

Pictures from Clayton's
Memorial Service

Thank You to The Fans From Dawn Moore

Clayton Moore Sothebys Auction

Clayton Moore Exhibit by Barry Woodbridge

Texas Trail of Fame Star for Clayton & Jay in 2002

Actors / Writers Associated with The Lone Ranger

Eric Freiwald / Writer

Mason Dinehart III /Actor

Ralph Littlefield / Actor

Chuck Courtney / Actor

House Peters, Jr. / Actor

Robert Arthur / Actor

Fran Striker /Writer
on "To Tell the Truth"

Jay Silverheels /Actor

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